IKEA’s “DIY Nasum natural storage”

Hi there,

I just found this nice idea on LIVET HEMMA.

This looks really good and would work also with old boxes or other kinds of baskets. Only minus, I guess it might need a lot of space, which unfortunately I don’t have 😦

Maybe some day, I could make this kind of storage…

Have a great weekend!

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Keeping the cable warm…

Hi there,

for quite a while I’ve been wanting to get me one of those lovely colorful cables

such as these above that I found here.

But I just didn’t want to spend much money…
Instead, I dug out my lovely old “Strickliesel”- knitting spool.
Anyway, it’s much better to  make thank to buy…

Oh, it turned out so great! I love it!
What do you think?

Have a good night!

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I’m back!

Oh my gosh, it has been way too long. Sorry for neglecting my blog for so many months. Life has kept me busy… with job, sports and everything, I just couldn’t sit down to blog.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve done some crafts, redecorated and painted at home, trained for- & done a triathlon and many other things.

But now I really felt the need of getting inspired and creative and start blogging once again. This time without the pressure I had put myself under.

And now, to start off with, here is a picture of my new kitchen wall. Remember my blog from February? I so needed to have a blackboard wall… Want it – got it 🙂 Plus a little newspaper cut cloud… Hoping for the rain to stop. I’d rather draw some snow soon.


Oh and have a look at my perfect sunday breakfast after running. Coffee, eggs with Maggi and Helsingin Sanomat.


Have a good night!

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Fringy diy skirt

Hi there,

Last week, I finally made this one skirt I had planned for quite a while. Few months back I was just surfing around blogs, looking around until suddenly, BANG! I bumped into the coolest skirt ever. The moment I found Natalie’s  fringe skirt post on definatalie.com I just knew… This was it! I had to make me one! Actually Natalie had posted a tutorial with pictures. So if you want one for yourself, check it out. I didn’t follow those instructions, but it still turned out to be fabulous.

I had collected quite some old black t-shirts that would have gone to the recycle center otherwise and so I cut strips of around 12 cm width and cut fringes into them. Then I pinned and sewed them onto a base skirt that I had found from the recycle center FOR FREE!

Here a few pictures:

Almost ready…

And that’s me making a happy dance with my brand new fringy skirt 🙂

I just love these fringes. They actually make me happy whenever I swing my hips 🙂

What do you think?? LIKEY??

Have a good night!

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Wine box bookshelf

Hi there,

I just found a great idea for an extraordinary bookshelf over at Design*Sponge. They featured Melissa‘s bookshelf made from wine boxes.

Via Design*Sponge (and check out this table! It’s so simple and really stylish!)

I am so in need of more storage space! Well, basically I am in need of an extra room! I have a little nook of the living room for my computer, printer, fabrics, material, tools and thousands of half-finished items. I would put a picture of it, but it’s just simply waaaayyy too messy! And now I even took over Sampo’s desk which is in our bedroom. My sewing machine plus piles of fabrics and thrifted clothing have invaded his space, waiting to be made into something new…

I actually really need some shelves, lining the wall, where all my stuff could go. This wine box shelf would be one idea… Or maybe I could build some more stuff from Euro pallets 🙂 Or then we could move to a larger apartment…

Oh, and here another 66!

Ok, it’s actually not a 66, but I like to see one 🙂 and when turned around, it’s even quite pretty… haha

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From jacket to purse

Let me introduce you to my brand new bag, made from an old leather jacket and its story:

Almost 2 months back I attended a leather sewing weekend course held by Lydia Ignatenkova, a leather artist and teacher from St Petersburg. She is a very inspiring person with lots of ideas and she really was a great help in finding a solution for my rather difficult project (Her website doesn’t seem to be up to date though).

I decided to modify Sampo’s old leather jacket into a bag. It would have almost landed in the trash, so luckily I saved it! Here the original (almost…, only after cutting off the first sleeve, I remembered to take the picture :). sorry for the bad quality)

Even though we spent the entire weekend working, I still didn’t get it finished there. Well, in the beginning I did everything by hand, which actually is a heck of a job!!! I was afraid it would end up as one of those never-ending projects, but there was a great motivator, an exhibition… So I really had to get it done!

Luckily I met Marikka on the course, who is teaching a sewing course and I started attending her lessons and finally got my bag finished. Just in time for the exhibition that started yesterday night! Yey!

I left the jacket’s zipper surrounding the bottom of the bag, and the breast and side pockets.

This is how it hangs in the exhibition… Yes, I needed to have a picture, of me standing in front of it :)… Oh I just love the pink lining! Don’t you??? (I found it from the recycle center for free! It used to be the lining of some skirt.)

I can’t wait for the exhibition to end, so I can pick it up and use it!

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DIY – shelf idea


I just found a really fun DIY- project on IKEA’s blog Livet Hemma.
They made a modular shelf from their Pränt plywood boxes, combining different sized and colored, attaching them with simple black metal clips. Doesn’t it look great?

Pictures from IKEA.

You should check out their blog. They feature lots of great ideas from their own products, without the catalog feel. Instead you can see the furniture and products in “normal” houses and surroundings.

I’ll be busy crafting and DIYing this weekend. Hope to show you lots of new stuff “made by me” soon!

Have a great weekend!

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In love with leather!

Does that sound odd? Ohh, I mean I am in love with working with leather… 😉

As I told you earlier, me and my sewing machine are bonding! I don’t even remember and can’t imagine how I ever lived without her!! Though I’ve just started out, we feel quite comfortable with each other already. Maybe we were just made for each other 🙂

So, as I was attending a weekend leather course some weeks back (I will show the result later. I hope to finish my item tomorrow) and have been hooked to the material ever since. I love the feel, the smell, the looks and especially to work with it. Before the love affair with my sewing machine I started making some earrings and necklace by cutting and gluing only. So now I’ve wanted to make a bow and before I dared to use my precious leather I started with a trial piece, made from fabric. That worked well, so I made the next one from some kind of velour that used to be a couch cover or something. I’m using mostly recycled materials and only buy stuff when necessary, such as tools and yarn.When that went well the leather version was born…

Here they are all:

I’ll probably make a belt out of the red one and use the other one on a dress that I’m planning to do next.

It was quite difficult to turn the leather inside out after sewing and I was hoping to get the corners a bit sharper, but now I actually like the rounded edges…

And here are my fringe leather earrings…

If you want a hand-made leather accessory like these… let me know….

Leathery LOVE, Krisse

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“Dear sewing machine…”

>>I just didn’t know it before, but I’ve missed you! Thanks for coming into my life and helping me make things… From now on, let’s stay together and create fun stuff. I believe we can make a real good team. Just promise me: don’t break my twin needle again, will you?
To a great start into a new world, to us! Cheers!
Yours, Krisse<<

…I just want to quickly show the results of a very creaytive weekend… I had decided to stay home the entire weekend, cause I really needed to rest and relax, so I did. But not without making things 🙂

Even though I had learned a bit of sewing YEARS ago, I just never got around to it and wasn’t even sure if I could do it. So I started a course. It’s so much fun. All the opportunities it gives me. I can make my own clothes!! Wow!  And now, after  I finally got the sewing machine, that had spent the last years in the summer cottage home, it was time!

I had spent Saturday, cleaning up and decluttering my closet. One of the items to leave was a woolen sweater, I found a while ago on a flea market for 2 or 3 euro. I never wore it, cause it wasn’t a good fit. But I found a better meaning for it:

I cut the side open and measured the material. And after some hours of stitching it up this is the result:

I had wanted to put a new cover to the pouffe for quite a while. Underneath it is red matching the sofa. But after years and years of red, I just needed a change. Don’t get me wrong, I love red! But I just can’t have it in my living room anymore. So I decided to change the living room color scale to black, white, wood, gray and yellow.

and for the yellow: I turned Sampo’s old t-shirt into a pillow case. It was about to go to the dumpster because of some red wine spills, but instead, it got a new life… These are actually the first things I made myself… Even though they might not be perfect, I’m a tiny bit proud of myself 😉

Have a good night and a great start into a new week!
xo Krisse

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My very own euro pallet TV-sideboard

As I had announced quite a while ago, Sampo and me were going to make a TV-sideboard from euro pallets… actually these are Fin pallets but anyway…
Sampo cut them in half a few weeks back and yesterday we got them to our apartment.
When I came home from work it looked like this:


After brushing them clean and putting the pieces into place it was done. We didn’t even put any screw nor nail. And… Tada:



Isn’t it a beauty?! Raw and somewhat grungy, but beautiful! Do you like the looks of it?

Good night and see you soon!



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