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Dinner in the rain

Yesterday was Helsinki Day! …a very wet one it was. With all kinds of great events the whole day, like a free concert in the park, different smaller gigs here and there and especially the “Dinner under Helsinki’s sky”, Illallinen … Continue reading

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Starting the getting rid process :)

Hi there, looks like I’m starting out rather successfully on my mission to get rid of stuff. Last Sunday I went to sell clothes and all kinds of other things at a small flea market in Helsinki’s Vaasankatu. They opened … Continue reading

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Wanted: A beautiful mess app

I have been following the sisters Elsie and Emma on their amazing blog “A beautiful mess” for more than 2 years and I so love their style and what they do. They write about anything from crafts, diy and decor to … Continue reading

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As I told earlier, I had sublet my room for the time away. When I returned home from my trip there was a very nice surprise. Instead of a mess, my subtenant had left a beautiful orchid behind. And so … Continue reading

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Toss or take!

I recently got back from my trip around half the world. And in the meantime, my room was sublet, luckily luckily to one of my room mate’s acquaintance, a guy. Lucky me! When I asked him how much of my … Continue reading

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DIY Jewelry pin board

Every time, I was looking for my earrings, it was rather annoying to go looking through various boxes and when one earring was found, the other one was not to be seen. Plus, I thought it’s a shame to put … Continue reading

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Best childhood smells

I couldn’t sleep cause I had cold feet, so I went to make myself a nice hot water bottle. Before closing the lid, I always push the water out so that the bottle (or could I rather call it bag) … Continue reading

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In loving memories…

My dear grandmother passed away just before Christmas. A few years back, she gave me an old necklace. This is her at about 5 years. This way, I’ve been able to keep her close to my heart at all times!

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Happy New Year! Just a bit late…

Hi, I know it’s been a while… I’ve kept myself busy, which isn’t supposed to be an excuse… Or maybe it is. I generally don’t like New Year’s promises… Cause they rather often aren’t kept. Still, I intend to do … Continue reading

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Oh how sweet, candy mittens!

Hi there, I just want to quickly share my new lovely mittens. I found the instructions for them in the latest Novita magazine. Actually we already have one pair just like them, made by Sampo’s grandmother but well, obviously they … Continue reading

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