Dinner in the rain

Yesterday was Helsinki Day! …a very wet one it was.

With all kinds of great events the whole day, like a free concert in the park, different smaller gigs here and there and especially the “Dinner under Helsinki’s sky”, Illallinen Helsingin taivaan alla.

A 300 meters long table for over 700 people to get together and have a picnic right in the middle of the Esplanadin, one of the nicest streets in Helsinki.

It was raining and storming all day but the forecast had promised sunshine for the evening… So we were hopeful.

Everything was prepared: a fantastic couscous salad, cheese, crackers, baguettes, wine and sparkly. So with our full picnic bags we arrived around 7.30 pm at the event and found ourselves a nice spot.

We had just about enough time to unpack and eat the first few bites when it first started to drizzle, which quickly turned into a pouring rain.

Luckily we’d been so wise as to bring umbrellas so by the time it was pouring down we were able to just sit and continue enjoying our “not quite so fancy” dinner while some other people around us packed up their stuff and left.

Ok, the rain itself might not have been the most pleasant but it actually made the dinner even more fun and definitely unforgettable!

Surely by the time it cleared up we had finished and started packing up to go and listen to the free concert of Aino Venna.

It actually did turn out to be a sunny night, just a bit later than hoped for 🙂

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