Starting the getting rid process :)

Hi there,

looks like I’m starting out rather successfully on my mission to get rid of stuff. Last Sunday I went to sell clothes and all kinds of other things at a small flea market in Helsinki’s Vaasankatu. They opened up the street to be a walking street only and it was free for anyone to come and sell there.


On the way there & everything ready to go (on the sign it reads “Moving away from Finland, selling everything really cheap”)

I’m so glad that my room mate and my friend Heidi came along to help me carry all the stuff and stayed a bit. It turned out to be such a beautiful sunny day. People were actually really chatty and funny. I guess it was a good idea to put the sign up, cause that was a great opening for small talk and a nice way to show that I don’t only sell all the junk I don’t like anymore 🙂

It actually did go really well. I sold lots of stuff (well, still tons to go…but…) and I actually made a decent amount of money! Which I invested right away for tickets to the Flow festival in August, yey!

Now I’m checking out when will be the next flea market…
Juhuu mission on the way to being completed!

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