Toss or take!

I recently got back from my trip around half the world. And in the meantime, my room was sublet, luckily luckily to one of my room mate’s acquaintance, a guy. Lucky me! When I asked him how much of my wardrobe space he’d need, he answered with: Oh, not much.  I only have one suitcase and one backpack full of stuff…  Yeahhh!

I mean, seriously! How lucky could I be. Imagine if it had been a girl with even only half the amount of clothes and things that I have. I would have been in real trouble.

So, short before leaving, all I had to do was bring some of my personal things to my friends place, carry some stuff into the basement and pack a few boxes that stayed in a corner behind my shelf. How easy.

Now that I got back a few weeks ago, I still haven’t taken care of any of the boxes, haven’t unpacked the suitcases full of clothes and the boxes are still in the basement and behind the shelf. And since I will most likely be moving away some time soon (I still don’t know when and where, but anyway…) one thought has crossed my mind. If I don’t need any of these things that I had put into storage and I was very well able to live out of a backpack for 3 months, maybe I should just get rid of all these things. Obviously I haven’t been missing them so much (apart from a few things). How about, if I am allowed to save only 1 out of 10 items, everything else must go!

It does sound like making life so much easier. All this stuff only makes it difficult to even think of having to move, is very hard to keep tidy, gathers lots of dust, takes away space (in my room and my mind), and would even make some money if I could sell most of it. But then again: they are my lovely things! The thought of giving away all my precious things is very painful. Really! I tend to make a emotional connection to every single item I own. Even the least used peaces of fabric have some kind of a story to them. So how can I ever get rid of them. We share a collective past, they have been part of me and my life for so long and now I’m supposed to just ditch them?

How come that I always kind of admire those real simple interiors with not much more than one huge couch in the middle of the room, everything kept in a clear style with maybe one main color. And my home? It’s full of colorful things that don’t even match, stuffed book shelves, boxes full of crafty materials, tools and self made items, plus a closet with more wardrobe than I would need in a year.

I think I need help. Maybe a professional belongings-sorter or a freelance declutterer. Is there anyone who could just tell me which things to keep and which not to? Just like the girls in Sex and the City 🙂 Toss or Take!

If you think you can help me, please contact me at iloveallmythings@can’tthrowanythingaw.ay


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