Best childhood smells

I couldn’t sleep cause I had cold feet, so I went to make myself a nice hot water bottle. Before closing the lid, I always push the water out so that the bottle (or could I rather call it bag) isn’t too stiff. The smell that comes out of it in that moment is one of the best smells ever! It is the feeling of warmth, coziness and comforting of my mom that comes to my mind. I thought, I’d take that as a reason to post my Top6 childhood smells here.

Hot water bottle

1. Definitely: Hot water bottle
2. Latschenkiefer (mountain pine) shower bath
(I can literally see my sister and me in the bathtub, wearing hats made of bath foam…)
3. Warm cacao
(It had to be exactly 45 seconds in the microwave and then I would start drinking, making sounds of satisfaction, and only set the mug down when it was empty… Oh how great!)
4. Our downstairs heating basement (even though I didn’t particularly like the smell then, it brings me right back to my childhood once I smell something similar)
5. Kolophonium (Rosin) – I used to play the violin for many years. Blocks of rosin are used to rub on the bow hair so it can grip the strings and make them speak, or vibrate clearly.
6. Freshly baked bread – My mom used to bake bread at home, oh what a mighty smell!

Good night!

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