Happy New Year! Just a bit late…


Hi, I know it’s been a while…
I’ve kept myself busy, which isn’t supposed to be an excuse… Or maybe it is.

I generally don’t like New Year’s promises… Cause they rather often aren’t kept. Still, I intend to do a few things, I just won’t call them that.

First of all: I’d like to be back here, writing my blog. Just with a few changes… instead of only posting creative projects and ideas around design, I will use this platform to write about anything that comes to my mind. Also, as I’m going on a nice “little trip”, I’d like to post updates and photos from where ever I travel. So my posts may sometimes be more travel emphasized and at other times crafty and creaytive 🙂 Well… creativity and design is about everywhere, not just in craft and design projects… So why not explore the world, find it and post it?

But sure, I’ll also continue making my little creaytive/crafty projects…

Can’t wait to start exploring!

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