Wine box bookshelf

Hi there,

I just found a great idea for an extraordinary bookshelf over at Design*Sponge. They featured Melissa‘s bookshelf made from wine boxes.

Via Design*Sponge (and check out this table! It’s so simple and really stylish!)

I am so in need of more storage space! Well, basically I am in need of an extra room! I have a little nook of the living room for my computer, printer, fabrics, material, tools and thousands of half-finished items. I would put a picture of it, but it’s just simply waaaayyy too messy! And now I even took over Sampo’s desk which is in our bedroom. My sewing machine plus piles of fabrics and thrifted clothing have invaded his space, waiting to be made into something new…

I actually really need some shelves, lining the wall, where all my stuff could go. This wine box shelf would be one idea… Or maybe I could build some more stuff from Euro pallets 🙂 Or then we could move to a larger apartment…

Oh, and here another 66!

Ok, it’s actually not a 66, but I like to see one 🙂 and when turned around, it’s even quite pretty… haha

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