From jacket to purse

Let me introduce you to my brand new bag, made from an old leather jacket and its story:

Almost 2 months back I attended a leather sewing weekend course held by Lydia Ignatenkova, a leather artist and teacher from St Petersburg. She is a very inspiring person with lots of ideas and she really was a great help in finding a solution for my rather difficult project (Her website doesn’t seem to be up to date though).

I decided to modify Sampo’s old leather jacket into a bag. It would have almost landed in the trash, so luckily I saved it! Here the original (almost…, only after cutting off the first sleeve, I remembered to take the picture :). sorry for the bad quality)

Even though we spent the entire weekend working, I still didn’t get it finished there. Well, in the beginning I did everything by hand, which actually is a heck of a job!!! I was afraid it would end up as one of those never-ending projects, but there was a great motivator, an exhibition… So I really had to get it done!

Luckily I met Marikka on the course, who is teaching a sewing course and I started attending her lessons and finally got my bag finished. Just in time for the exhibition that started yesterday night! Yey!

I left the jacket’s zipper surrounding the bottom of the bag, and the breast and side pockets.

This is how it hangs in the exhibition… Yes, I needed to have a picture, of me standing in front of it :)… Oh I just love the pink lining! Don’t you??? (I found it from the recycle center for free! It used to be the lining of some skirt.)

I can’t wait for the exhibition to end, so I can pick it up and use it!

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One Response to From jacket to purse

  1. Iris says:

    Wow! This is so great!!! Any ambitions of beeing a fashion designer for recyclable style?

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