In love with leather!

Does that sound odd? Ohh, I mean I am in love with working with leather… 😉

As I told you earlier, me and my sewing machine are bonding! I don’t even remember and can’t imagine how I ever lived without her!! Though I’ve just started out, we feel quite comfortable with each other already. Maybe we were just made for each other 🙂

So, as I was attending a weekend leather course some weeks back (I will show the result later. I hope to finish my item tomorrow) and have been hooked to the material ever since. I love the feel, the smell, the looks and especially to work with it. Before the love affair with my sewing machine I started making some earrings and necklace by cutting and gluing only. So now I’ve wanted to make a bow and before I dared to use my precious leather I started with a trial piece, made from fabric. That worked well, so I made the next one from some kind of velour that used to be a couch cover or something. I’m using mostly recycled materials and only buy stuff when necessary, such as tools and yarn.When that went well the leather version was born…

Here they are all:

I’ll probably make a belt out of the red one and use the other one on a dress that I’m planning to do next.

It was quite difficult to turn the leather inside out after sewing and I was hoping to get the corners a bit sharper, but now I actually like the rounded edges…

And here are my fringe leather earrings…

If you want a hand-made leather accessory like these… let me know….

Leathery LOVE, Krisse

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