“Dear sewing machine…”

>>I just didn’t know it before, but I’ve missed you! Thanks for coming into my life and helping me make things… From now on, let’s stay together and create fun stuff. I believe we can make a real good team. Just promise me: don’t break my twin needle again, will you?
To a great start into a new world, to us! Cheers!
Yours, Krisse<<

…I just want to quickly show the results of a very creaytive weekend… I had decided to stay home the entire weekend, cause I really needed to rest and relax, so I did. But not without making things 🙂

Even though I had learned a bit of sewing YEARS ago, I just never got around to it and wasn’t even sure if I could do it. So I started a course. It’s so much fun. All the opportunities it gives me. I can make my own clothes!! Wow!  And now, after  I finally got the sewing machine, that had spent the last years in the summer cottage home, it was time!

I had spent Saturday, cleaning up and decluttering my closet. One of the items to leave was a woolen sweater, I found a while ago on a flea market for 2 or 3 euro. I never wore it, cause it wasn’t a good fit. But I found a better meaning for it:

I cut the side open and measured the material. And after some hours of stitching it up this is the result:

I had wanted to put a new cover to the pouffe for quite a while. Underneath it is red matching the sofa. But after years and years of red, I just needed a change. Don’t get me wrong, I love red! But I just can’t have it in my living room anymore. So I decided to change the living room color scale to black, white, wood, gray and yellow.

and for the yellow: I turned Sampo’s old t-shirt into a pillow case. It was about to go to the dumpster because of some red wine spills, but instead, it got a new life… These are actually the first things I made myself… Even though they might not be perfect, I’m a tiny bit proud of myself 😉

Have a good night and a great start into a new week!
xo Krisse

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