My future sofa…

Hello there,

I’ve been away for the weekend at Sampo’s family’s summer cottage. It’s located about 350 km (4-5 hours drive) from Helsinki, so the weekend is pretty short with all the traveling. But once there, it is really nice and relaxing.

The family has an old farm there and in one of the sheds is an old quite ruined 2 seater sofa. It’s been “out” there for quite some years. Sampo’s mom promised it to me and I’m sooo excited. Although, it’s in quite bad shape but since I’ve been thinking to take a course on upholstering for a long time this might be just the right project. (Mmh… when would I have time for that????) Doesn’t it look fantastic??

Ok, it’s quite ruined, but I just love the shape and can imagine how it could look like, maybe in a dark grey or black velvet…? uuuhhhh… well, let’s see how many months or years will go by until then 🙂

And yes, another “66“… This painted plate hangs on a wall in the bedroom of the summer cottage… and I hadn’t seen it ever before… I saw it only now as I’m always on the look-out for 66s and under quite some pressure, cause there is way too many 66 yet to go…

I’ll be back soon with another amazing finding! So far…


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