Eero Aarnio’s Bubble chair

Long before I could even imagine to live in Finland, I spotted and fell in love with my favorite Finnish design, the Bubble chair by Eero Aarnio. It happened at the Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany. To me the biggest attraction was the see-through bowl, hanging from the ceilings in the Cycle Bowl pavilion. It’s cushion was of white leather and it had built-in speakers. I asked the fair-hostess for the chairs name and have kept the little post-it with the name on it, ever since.

Even though the chair is from the year 1968, it just doesn’t seem to grow old… I see it all the time being featured on magazines and blogs. It’s great!

Here it is:photo from the Eero Aarnio website

photo from living etc via desire to inspire

photo from living etc

Isn’t it just beautiful? I wish I had one… Maybe some time…

Have a great day!

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