66 in Prague…

Hi everyone,

I came back on Sunday from a long weekend in Prague where I met with friend Kristina from Hamburg. It was fantastic. We were pretty lucky with the weather, though it wasn’t warm but really sunny and pretty (at least most of the time).

Prague is an amazing city. We saw so much and probably walked hundreds of kilometers… At least it felt like it. We did a little sight seeing tour by the book, went shopping :), had a boat trip, went to see Black Swan and also partied a bit… On Sunday, we were exhausted but happy… 🙂

While walking I kept my eyes open all the time for any “66”. The city has a countless amount of amazing typography all over, from house numbers to shop names and others but unfortunately I only found one single 66. And that particular one wasn’t even one of the pretty ones. mmhh… But since I am quite behind on my count, here it is anyhow:

I’ll post more really soon! Promise!

Have a great week!

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