One’s trash is another’s treasure

Well, last week I already showed some of the small stuff I found from the reuse center… I decided to spray paint them. Now here is the before and after :
The only thing that didn’t turn out that well is the porcelain elephant. I gave it to Sampo for his birthday (he got an elephant cause he drives a Ducati Elephant) but the plain glass bottles that I spray painted as well turned out quite nice… The chair is still waiting to become black as well…

And then… Last week someone from our neighborhood obviously moved in a hurry. The dumpster was full of stuff. Some of it way too nice to just through away. I took some ceramic bowls, thick card board boxes, plastic boxes and this chair. It was a bit broken, but we fixed it and put black felt on it.

This old salad spinner… I’m gonna use it as a fruit basket…
There was even more but Sampo forbid me to go get another load full of stuff. Although he himself went another time to get another stack of Donald Duck magazines that were in the paper trash 🙂

Dumpster diving can be really fun! 🙂 What kind of treasures did you find while dumpster diving?


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