EURO pallet

I love the rough looks of furniture made from Euro pallets. Actually Sampo and me are gonna make a TV-shelve from Euro pallets. And maybe some more stuff…? Here are some inspirations:

couch table via Marie Claire Maison.

shelf by Katrin Arens found via re-nest

And then a few days ago, I found this amazing wall, via poppytalk. Katy of Mom and Her Drill made this amazing wall herself (with a little help from her father). It looks fantastic!
I found this diy project on how to make your own pallet coffee table at papernstitch, by guest blogger Luisa of Happy Serendipity blog. Thank you Lou!
Isn’t it cute? Also… lovely chair! 🙂

And here you can find 20 diy pallet project ideas.

Well, I’ll post our pallet furniture once it’s ready. Sampo already started putting the pallets in half and so the weekend in two or three weeks, we’ll go to the cottage to finish it.

Have a great day!

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4 Responses to EURO pallet

  1. lou says:

    hello dear,
    thank you for including my little table to your list. i must check out the rest since i LOVE to work with euro pallets now. it’s so cheap and easy!

    • creAYtive says:

      Hello Lou,
      I really loved your pallet table. If you don’t mind, I might update my post and add a photo of it.
      Me too! I also love euro pallets. The looks, the “price”… it’s a win win 🙂 Actually I still have many of the pallets waiting for me at my boyfriends cottage. I hope to get the tv-shelf and maybe some other stuff ready in 2 weeks, can’t wait! So stay tuned 🙂
      Cheers, Krisse

  2. lou says:

    hey krisse, of course, just go ahead 🙂
    yes i will check what you make out of them. can’t wait!!

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