The story of the best flea market visit ever. Part 2

Previously on “The story of the best flea market visit ever”… look here

…well… after yet another day of work, I was really excited to get back to the reuse center. The staff started laughing right when I got there… Must be a good sign 🙂

Problem was: This was a pretty darn heavy metal monster! The first part was like a feather compared to the upper part. I tried putting a big IKEA bag underneath, but wasn’t so sure would it be enough. So I swapped my IKEA bag against a rope and after about 5 minutes with two of the staff standing and looking at what I was doing, the one guy helped me adjust it so it would hold (they were actually really friendly and helpful). I took it onto my shoulder or back, or both…  With cheerful laughter and waving they sent me off into the cold and dark streets of Helsinki…

I had to make my way to the tram station… It took forever! I had to stop about every 10 steps, to take a break and to shift the heavy load trying to spread the pain to other parts of my back.

This time, people were not smiling at me, nor were they talking. They were avoiding to look at my eyes. It must have looked the exact same way it felt… PAINFUL!

Occasionally I thought of taking a cab… but nooo… I cannot spend 15 bucks on getting home a shelf I got for free!!!

Usually this trip home would take me about 20 minutes… This time it took me almost an hour. And no, I didn’t exactly enjoy every minute of it. But the feeling of exhaustion and pain changed into pure happiness and shear ecstasy the second I successfully installed the upper and the lower part.

Look yourself!

Isn’t it a beauty? Although, maybe not just yet…

stay tuned!

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