The story of the best flea market visit ever. Part 1

Hi there,

I’ve wanted to report about my wonderful, fantastic, fabulous and amazing flea market findings already on Tuesday… But just after arriving home, I saw a message from a friend who had free tickets to Kylie Minogue’s concert… I couldn’t say no…

So, this is how the story goes:

It is Tuesday afternoon. Right after work, I make my way to town, to buy some art supplies, tools, some fabrics and to check out the reuse center… it’s not a real flea market… but anyway. At first I was a bit disappointed, cause they did not have the big section with really cheap garments, like for 50 cent up to 2 euro, they used to have. I was looking for really cheap old leather jackets for some leather projects of mine. What they still do have though, is a room with stuff that’s for free. Dirty or broken clothes, toys and books… On my way out, I noticed this amazing metal magazine rack. I thought it belonged to the center. But anyway and luckily I went to ask if it was free to take. IT WAS!

WOW!!! How lucky could I be! Just about 2 weeks ago, I was checking out the prices on the internet for the exact same kind!!! They were about 200 €!!!! I could not believe my luck, but also started getting nervous. How to transport it? It weighs about 30 kg if not more, and unfortunately it’s not possible to reserve anything that is for free. I tried carrying this huge device up the stairs. When the staff saw me struggling with this huge metal monster they started laughing and offered to put a reserved sign on one of the two parts. So I took the leg’s part home first, cause I had purchased already so much other stuff and couldn’t carry more 🙂

After an exhausting walk to the tram station, I was finally sitting on the tram, happy and smiling from one ear to the other. It must have been very obvious, that I was the happiest person around cause people started smiling back with 2 of them even talking to me!! (Living in Helsinki this is really special! It is quite a rare thing to happen in Finland, though I have always been sure, it’s only because no one starts the act of smiling in the first place.)

Here is some of what I got home with:

Basket 1,60 e. Candle stick 1,00 e. Vase 1,00 e. Metal magazine rack 0,00 e. 🙂
Costs together: 3,60 e.

to be continued…

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3 Responses to The story of the best flea market visit ever. Part 1

  1. Discovery is a much more enjoyable way of shopping than just clicking a picture online. Flea Markets and Thrift Stores are the best!

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