deer trophy

I’ve seen these amazing deer trophies from card board in various blogs, magazines and stores… But instead of spending money on it, I thought I’d rather recycle some old cardboard boxes and either paint or wallpaper them… Luckily I just received my globe that I had bought from Ebay. The box found a new purpose 🙂

Via Noces de coton I found the template and instructions on the chronicle books blog:

So here my result and how it looked in my living room:

I’m quite satisfied with the outcome… though it was pretty difficult to get a nice sharp edge. First I thought of spray painting or wall-papering it, but actually, I like the cardboard just as it is. What do you think?? Should I leave it that way??

The ones I found with wallpaper are quite fun:
pictures from Noces de coton and chronicle books blog

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One Response to deer trophy

  1. Iris says:

    What about spraying the deer in gold?

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