About 66

Hello everybody!

Last time I met with my friend Petra, she asked me: What’s the matter with you and the 66?!? … So I  guess I need to explain to everyone who hasn’t read my earlier blog about it, and who doesn’t know anything about my obsession with this number…

Before starting this blog, I found the blogs art every day and 365: Make something every day and change your life. These blogs inspired me to put myself a goal. Not 365 times, cause I know I wouldn’t make it. As the 66 has always been my lucky number (my birth day is on the 6.6.) I decided to have the project “66 times 66 till 6.6.”, posting the number 66,  in no matter which form, 66 times before my birthday… That’s it.

And here the next one: I just found an amazing 66! On one of my favorite blogs Design*Sponge is a sneak peek post about illustrator and designer couple Tad and Jessica Carpenter‘s apartment. They have an amazing place and the photographs by Eric Linebarger are fantastic. I love all the typography elements and details that can be found. Especially this one:

spotted it?

I wish I had one like that!
Have a great day!

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