Please dream, come true!

Oh how I wish that one day, this could be true:

I live in a my dream apartment. It’s about 60 square meters, on the highest floor of an 1920s house in Helsinki. The floors are of old wooden boards and the ceilings are decorated with its original stucco. Double wing doors open up into a living room with big, high windows. In the back corner of the room is a fire flickering in an old tiled stove. I spend the cold and dark winter evenings, sitting in front of it, listening to the flames, holding either a great book or knitting needles. On the table next to me is a glass of red wine or a hot cacao.

Oh I could go on and on dreaming this. I can get lost in the details, describing the exact items that are in the room, their color, the feel of them and the smell… Maybe some day…

So far, I’ll keep on looking at other people’s places and share them with you. So here are some of those fireplaces I see myself sitting in front of…

photo  by Fabian Björnstjerna on Agent Bauer

photo by Petra Bindel on Agent Bauer

So unique and lovely. These  can be so lucky to have a place like this.
For now, I’ll keep on dreaming… Have a good night!

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One Response to Please dream, come true!

  1. Iris says:

    … wolltest du nicht täglich bloggen? Dein letzter Eintrag war Montag oder …. ? 😉


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