beloved black board

Hi everybody,

Now, that we have moved, I’ve got so many ideas of how to change the apartment a bit. For such a long time I have been thinking of painting one of the living room walls and the hallway. After trying to decide on a color with my boyfriend, we came to the conclusion to have black, yellow (a real rich and strong yellow), white and wood. I’ve always wanted to paint a wall with black board paint… so now it might be happening…

Here I have some inspiration for the walls:


via designsponge

via living etc


oh, and this globe I found on The Stories of A 2 Z. It’s great! and… 3…2…1… mine! I just bought an old globe on ebay! YES!! I hope it won’t take too long to get here, cause I can’t wait 🙂

Next week, we might be starting with the changes already… I’ll post about it then…
So far… Cheers



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One Response to beloved black board

  1. Iris says:

    Hi Kristin,

    das erste finde ich richtig super und sehr passend für euch beide. Obwohl der Globus auch gut ist. Ich bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht.


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