bicycle as furniture?

Hi there, I know it’s been a while…

I didn’t have time to write earlier, cause I just moved in with my boyfriend (or actually he moved in with me:-) ) and the whole weekend was quite busy with packing, unpacking, cleaning and putting things in order.

We have lived together before, but in some respects, we don’t have exactly the same understanding of what an apartment should be. In my opinion it should be cozy, warm, comforting, stylish and inspiring.  To him, I guess most of all, practical. He owns a quite expensive bicycle and brings it up every day, no matter if sunshine, rain or snow. (Well living in Helsinki, one should bring up even the cheapest bicycle… My old but really lovely bike got stolen a few months back) So how to get a compromise of practical and good looking? I don’t really want him to carry the bike through the entire apartment onto the balcony every single time. One option would be large hooks such as these from IKEA:

I just came across this other option that I found via apartmenttherapy from Knife and Saw:and this one on Etsy:or we could make something like this:I also have some ideas of painting the walls behind, or attaching some king of wax table cloth or fabric and painting it, to make the bike part of the interior. Also I thought of attaching some rough metal chain to the wall, to hold keys, helmet and other small stuff. I do have such chain already in the bedroom hanging from the closet door, holding my purses. I’ll show it later on…

Also I’ll post about the changes that will take place in our apartment and will show before and after pictures.

Have a great day!


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