I heart typography!

I totally love anything with typography, calligraphy and letters in general. Funny, considering that I hated our typography courses in university. I thought it was THE most boring thing ever… But as soon as the obligatory courses were done, I started liking it and even started doing some calligraphy in my spare time.

So now I want to share some of my recent finds:

Such as this gift wrapping project with each step being explained on poppytalk by guest contributer  Arounna of Bookhou.
Soon I’ll be able to make these myself… I just bid on a few vintage print letters and I’m going for more 🙂 Also I might make some of my own letters. I’ll post the result… whenever there will be one.

I found this very inspiring metal writing on a wall on the blog of Lotta Agaton.
The photo was taken by Petra Bindel of Agent Bauer. This page is always good to come back to and check out. I could spend hours and hours looking at these pictures and getting lost in the details…

Soon more from the world of letters 🙂

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