crochet basket

Finally I started working on one of my long planned projects on Thursday. I had the material here for weeks, and I knew it wouldn’t even be hard, but for some reason I was just not getting started earlier. And then, I had just began, and it started growing and growing. And after working on it for not even 2 days… tadaa……

Out of few old t-shirts and torn leggings, I cut fabric strips. Well I didn’t cut them all. Actually I found some old balls of fabric from the summerhouse that were originally intended for carpet making. Also some of the black stripes are made of 3- layered of wool, that I didn’t need anymore.

So I started with a circle, as if starting to make a carpet… adding around 7-8 stitches per row…

when I reached the size I wanted, I didn’t add any more stitches and continued with the same amount of stitches all the time.

I guess, it turned out pretty nice. And now I have a nice storage place for all my knitting… At the moment I have 5 or 6 works in different stages, from just started to almost finished. I don’t know why but I don’t like the finishing. I have one shirt, that’s basically ready. All it needs is to be sewn together…. It is waiting for this last step almost a year already. I hope to finish it this or next weekend, so I could actually put it on 🙂

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