Lost in translation…

I have to say, I don’t really know in which language I should write my blog.
Most reasonable should be German, as my mother tongue, but then again… I do have many friends that don’t speak any German and well, I don’t speak much German nowadays other than on the phone to my family and friends. My German language has suffered quite a bit over these years.

English would be a natural choice. Almost everyone understands it, but it’s neither my mother tongue, nor do I use it all the time. I might make lots of mistakes. Does that matter? Would it be embarrassing?

The least natural, but still in some way intriguing option would be to write in Finnish. Ok, to be honest, I make mistakes all the time and people reading it would most likely get a good laugh out of it. Though I don’t mind that. :) I guess I’d like using that language maybe especially as it is a challenge. Also it has been for quite a while already my everyday language. I use it at work, with most of my friends here and also at home with my boyfriend. Although we mostly speak Finglish + some German :)

I might take it as it comes. Sometimes I think in English, sometimes in German and others in Finnish, so why not make a trilingual blog… Maybe I can then translate to English so others can understand as well.

Well, no niin, also…

So far! Bis dann! Siihen asti!

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