Here I am!

So. I guess this is it.
I’m here.
I finally made it to the world of blogging.

For quite a while I have been thinking about it and now I made it. YES!

Recently I’ve started to follow some graphic design, interior design, fashion and crafts blogs and felt this urge of doing it too. Sharing ideas, thoughts, pictures I see, things that inspire me and stuff I make… Yes I make things, like any kind of crafts, designs, useful things, pretty things. I like to experiment with different kinds of materials from paint, wood, glass, metal over stone to fabric, but at the moment I’m especially hooked to knitting. My mom taught me how to knit when I was about 7 or 8 and I remember knitting a scarf and starting a sweater, which just never got finished. So now, almost 20 years later, I got inspired by my friend to start over again. I bought a book, in Finnish! (I’m originally from Germany, moved to Finland 5 years ago… but you can read more about that in “About me”) and taught myself how to. Ever since I’m completely hooked. I love the feel of the material, the look of knits and especially the feeling when one item is finished.

To write this blog, I got especially inspired by emmas designblogg, decor8, a creative MINT, abduzeedo, art every day and 365: Make something every day and change your life. Which also inspired me to put myself a goal. Not 365 times, cause I should have started right in January for that but 66 time. so One of my future projects will be “66 times 66 till 6.6.” You might be wondering why so many sixes… it’s quite simple, my birth date is on the 6.6. and therefore 66 is my lucky number. So I will either photograph, find or create the number 66, no matter in which form, 66 times before my birthday. Maybe until that day, I can figure another topic that can be my project starting from then for the next 365 days. I’m starting slow, giving myself a bit more time and options to adjust and get into the blogging.

I do want to blog at least once per day. Maybe it’s quite a challenge especially for the beginning, but I would like to push myself to more creativity and activity.

So, let’s get it on :)

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